The deliberate approach to organisational development

The science of workplace sociology is fascinating. With a committed focus to promote development of employees, for a very long time, organisations have believed in ‘rolling out the training programmes and getting people to sign an attendance sheet’ as the most accepted and preferred way to develop their employees. But how exactly does an organisation know if the workforce is actually developing? As a manager or an employee, do we need to be more focused on the actual ‘developmental value’ of a training?

Brexit - Perspective of a change manager

Social systems, politics and politicians have a 'made-for-each-other' bond. As a general behavior, the net interaction of these actors errs to the side of stability and the overall systems exhibits a little change. The people want a change but find the politics can rarely deliver it. The politicians and their politics have a belief that despite of their monumental efforts to change, there's very little that really can be changed, as people rarely believe in it. But what happens if both factors get triggered at the same time?

What is a System?

With an uproar in the complexity of product and services required, even the most simple of the human needs are demanding a 'systemic' solution rather than a simple product. So let's revisit the basics and understand what a 'system' really is.

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