Why thinking big is not optional?

Children believe in everything that they imagine. they believe in fairies and they believe in magic. They believe that all of their imagination could be a reality somewhere. Did you ever wonder if this belief is the key to faith, to have the perseverance to learn and grow and to become someone, to make something meaningful of life?

At AVION, we think it is. We believe that thinking big is not optional, it is a 'must have’ part of our day to day work life, and for some of us, its the foundation of our beliefs!

A new tribe of individuals is on rife, dreaming the billion dollar empires every day and every minute. Sometimes cheered as a pioneer and sometimes dismissed as a dreamer. Managers who think impossible is possible and those who go for it, sometime respected as heroes and sometime dismissed as lunatics.

Though success often brings more success, only some succeed. Amongst those who are respected and cheered, have the ’success' word appearing in the career summaries, at least once. Lost behind these successful folks are the dreamers, the lunatics, those who are hard at it bit still away from success. We need to remember that all pioneers were once dreamers and a small part of every hero always craves for a bit of lunacy. 

Its absolutely essential in the world of management science to believe that every problem has a feasible solution, whatever is the scale of the problem. If the feasibility can not be seen with a proposed solution, then perhaps the analysis supporting the solution should be reworked. Its also important to challenge the the reasons of why certain solutions are deemed infeasible. A lack of perspective, malformed long term vision, lack of clear strategy may blurry the decision makers and may lead them away from a great achievement for a short term gain. And this is why, thinking big is really not optional, but its mandatory.

Thinking big gives us faith, reasons to learn and persevere, reasons to try again.



B.Eng, MSc, CEng, MIMechE

Vijay is a Principal Systems Engineering Consultant. He is an expert systems integrator with wealth of experience in system architecture, requirements management, validation and verification. He has delivered complex and safety critical projects in the Aerospace and Railways industries. He has developed skills through extensive hands on work in manufacturing, design, analysis and test roles and really liked for his amicable personality and can do attitude.

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