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Think . Plan . Innovate . Integrate . AVION.

We are systems engineering consultants serving technology projects with tough integration challenges. We manage the complexity from requirements management to architecture design, testing to certification and beyond. We deliver a seamless integration for you, integration that works for your partners, suppliers and for your customers.

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  • Our Story

    We listen to you. For every project opportunity, we provide you with an initial statement of work, that delivers a 'win' for every stakeholder in the project. Each one of our project guarantees 100% on-time and on-cost delivery.


    We define the exact scope and scale for the required work and provide you with the SoW and WBS reports. Through a frequent review process supported by visual metrics, you have complete control over budgets and plans.


    Our project managers control all aspects of delivery. We deliver a capability and not just a project. You will have all necessary documentation and training material to handle similar projects in future, with minimal start-up time.

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    VIJAYManaging Director

    I am driven by the substantial contribution that a well defined systems integration process provides to safety critical and complex projects, often saving thousands of pounds  for organisations.

    RIYABusiness Mentor

    I specialise in enterprise transformations through selective use of BPR and 6Sigma techniques. I am a Chartered Manager, Certified Project Manager, Qualified Coach and Certified Green Belt.

    DAVENon Executive Director

    I am passionate about technology, people, management and leadership. I have extensive experience in railways industry and  have delivered several turnkey projects at global scale.


    Our story is simple, we help our clients to deliver a readily certifiable, safe and reliable product at lower costs!

    Owing to our diverse consulting experience within the global manufacturing enterprises, we provide a highly customised 'end-to-end' solutions for established as well as new and early-development programmes. Our services include work-package definition, management and delivery. The work-packages include a wide variety of project segments, including the systems integration, requirements management, validation, verification and certification activities. We deliver a comprehensive consulting solution, from customer negotiations, architecture and process definitions, regulatory compliance to the final documentation release and configuration management. We know how important it is to turn the suppliers into highly involved programme partners and we have done it for several key market players generating immense financial and operational benefits. Of course, we ourselves try to be our clients most reliable supplier and we actively seek and deliver on every single opportunity to do so.

    At AVION, we have an autocratic organisation with no managers, we embrace integrity, clarity and ethics. We believe in going an extra mile, to make sure we deliver to our customer's expectations. When it comes to commitment and professionalism, we never compromise, ever!

    We are a young organisation, but we already have generated a strong interest within the markets. We have well defined growth plans and intend to significantly scale up our business operations in coming years. We are excited about the future, because are actively shaping it, for us and for the rest of the world!

Our Expertise.

We provide highly skilled engineering support services, especially for technically complex, safety critical and multi-system projects. 

Requirements Management

Requirements definition, validation and traceability. Development of requirements database.

Design and Development

3D modelling, design and detailed engineering drawings. Planning and execution of engineering design reviews.

Validation and Verification

Planning and execution of validation and verification activities to satisfy system and subsystem requirements.

Testing and Certification

Definition of test activities and schedules. Preparation and review of type certification documentation. 

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Product Development


Certification and V&V

Certification and Testing



Requirements Management


Design Modifications


Engineering and Integration


We MBSE, Do You?


MBSE Whitepaper

Our Thoughts.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

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Quality that you can trust.

  • We hold ISO9001:2015 certification from BSI, a premier auditing body with UKAS accreditation. We are RISQS verified supplier, a proven norm that assures quality for the Railways industry. We are also Silver Partner with IBM.

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